Sound is an invisible vibration. It travels in waves, spreading outwards from the source of the sound. Sounds are different both in loudness and pitch, often known as frequency.

Loudness is measured in decibels (dB). The diagram below shows how loud some everyday sounds can be. Audiologists often describe loudness as ’intensity’.

Frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz). All sounds are made up of different frequencies. We can describe this as the pitch of a sound. The frequency of a sound affects the pitch that it is heard at. For example if you look at a piano keyboard from left to right, the low pitch notes are on the left and high pitch notes are on the right.

The audiogram is a picture of how well we hear. It is a graph on which a person’s ability to hear different tones(frequencies) at different volumes (intensities) of sound is recorded.

Across the bottom or top of the grid, shows the softest sounds we can hear at different pitches or frequencies, moving across from left to right with the pitch getting higher as you move across. These are measured in Hertz. This is known as the threshold hearing level for each frequency. The left-hand of the grid, shows the sounds are getting louder as you move down the column and is measured in decibels.

On an audiogram the left is ear is represented by an X and the right ear is represented by a Y.

DeafHear: Audiograms Diagram 1

Speech Audiogram

This chart shows the frequency and loudness of individual speech sounds.
From the audiogram you can begin to understand the sounds that can or can’t be heard without hearing aids. By wearing hearing aids, they should bring the hearing level up approximately 20-30dB

DeafHear: Speech Audiogram

more...90% of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children are born to hearing parents.


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