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DeafHear.ie Ear PlugsRe-usable Ear Plugs

These are designed for use if you are going to a festival/gig/nightclub etc., and will be exposed to loud music for short periods of time, or for one-off situations. They are not suitable if you are going to be continually exposed to high volume music/sounds. You can buy them in most pharmacies.

Musician Ear Plugs

Unlike disposable ear plugs, these will reduce sound throughout all frequencies in a flat response, resulting in a clear and natural sound. You have to have the ear-mould custom-made to fit your ear perfectly and it will include a filter that suits your needs - either 9, 15, or 25dB of sound.

Acoustic Filtered Ear Plugs

These plugs are designed to reduce the high frequency (treble) sounds more than low frequencies (bass). They allow the user to hear normal speech. Capable of 28dB noise reduction.

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DeafHear have developed a nationwide awareness campaign aimed at 14–22 year olds highlighting the potential damage caused by MP3 players used at high volumes for too long!

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