Hearing Aid BatteriesHearing Aid Batteries

A small battery is the power source for your hearing aid and requires replacement every one to three weeks.

How often you change your batteries varies with the degree of hearing loss, the number of hours you wear your hearing aid(s), and the type/size of the battery.

  • Keep batteries out of reach of children and pets.
  • Do NOT put batteries in your ears, nose, or mouth. Always dispose of old batteries.
  • Some individuals have mistaken small batteries for medication. Please check your medication before swallowing.
  • If you swallow a battery, contact your GP immediately.
  • Store batteries in a cool/dry place.
  • Do NOT store zinc-air batteries in a refrigerator.
  • When replacing the battery, do not force the battery door closed.
  • Check to make sure the battery is the correct size and in the right way.
  • When your hearing aid is not in use, open the battery compartment; this will save battery power and allow the hearing aid to dry overnight.
  • Keep the ’tab’ on zinc-air batteries until you are ready to use them.
  • Extra batteries should be carried in a cloth or leather pouch.
  • Do NOT carry batteries loosely with other metal objects (coins, keys, etc.). If metal objects rub together, it could kill the battery.
  • Never dispose of batteries in a fire - they may explode.

Replacing your Battery

  • LEFT: In-the-ear RIGHT: Behind-the-ear
  • Open the battery door - by swinging the door open with your finger.
  • Take out the old battery.
  • Peel the ’tab’ off the new battery.
  • Hold the battery between your thumb and forefinger with positive (+) side up (this is the all silver side).
  • Slide or push into the battery door. Do not place the battery directly inside the hearing aid itself.
  • Close the battery door.

The circle on the negative side (-) of the battery should line up with the ledge on the bottom of the battery compartment.

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