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If your hearing aid is not kept clean, it will require repairs more frequently.

  • Keep your hearing aid clean at all times.
  • When handling your hearing aid, be sure your hands are clean.
  • Before going to bed at night, clean your hearing aid.
  • If there is any earwax or other debris on the hearing aid or ear mould, wipe it with a soft, dry tissue.
  • A wax-loop and wax-brush should be used for cleaning the canal portion of your hearing aid.

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Example of wax-loop and one type of brush.
Clean canal portion of hearing aid.
Put hearing aid in case with battery compartment OPEN. Keep case closed.


When you are not using your hearing aid, store the case with the battery compartment open.

  • Do not store your hearing aids in your pocket. You may lose them!

Store your hearing aid in a cool, dry place.

  • A dresser drawer or nightstand drawer is recommended.

Keep your hearing aid away from children and small animals.

  • Dogs and cats WILL eat or destroy your hearing aid.
  • If your hearing aid is stored in its case, animals will not be able to access it.

Keep your hearing aid dry.

  • Do not wear your hearing aid while bathing, swimming, or shaving.
  • Do not use water or cleaning solutions on your hearing aid.
  • Wear a hat or umbrella if it is raining or snowing.
  • If your hearing aid gets wet and stops working:
    • Remove the battery and throw it away.
    • Place your hearing aid in the storage case and let it dries overnight.

Do not try a new battery until the next morning.

  • Protect your hearing aid from extreme temperatures.
  • Do not use a hair dryer on your hearing aid.
  • Do not store hearing aid in direct sunlight, in a glove compartment, on a stove, or on a radiator.

Weather may affect your hearing aid.

  • In extreme cold, your hearing aid may make ’popping’ noises and then stop working. This happens when the battery becomes too cold. Your hearing aid should begin working once you return indoors and it ’warms up’. On hot/humid days, your hearing aid may stop working if sweat plugs the canal.

Do not drop your hearing aid.

  • Insert and remove your hearing aid over a carpeted area. If you do not have carpeting, insert your hearing aid while sitting on a bed. If you choose to insert your hearing aid over a table, place a bath towel on the table beforehand.

Protect your hearing aid from harsh substances.

  • Do not wear your hearing aid while using hair spray, spray paint, or any other sticky sprays. This will clog the microphone.

Do not use your hearing aid while using noisy machinery.

  • Do not wear your hearing aid when you are using a lawnmower, power tool, chainsaw, tractor or a shotgun/rifle.
  • Remove the hearing aid - hearing protection (earplugs/ear muffs) should be worn instead. Loud noise can cause your hearing loss to worsen.

If you have an ear infection with discharge, do not wear your hearing aid.

  • Contact your physician for medical treatment.

If your hearing aid stops working, please refer to the troubleshooting guide.

  • Never grind or poke holes in your hearing aid. Never take your hearing aid apart.

If your hearing aid is causing you pain/soreness:

  • STOP wearing your hearing aid, and make an appointment with your hearing aid provider.
  • Start wearing your hearing aid again the day before your appointment. This will help the hearing aid provider see where you are experiencing the soreness.

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