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Weak or no sound

Hearing aid switched off
Volume too low
Battery running down or used
Battery not inserted correctly
Battery drawer not closed properly
Earmould tubing blocked with wax or moisture
Earmould tubing twisted or cracked

Switch hearing aid on
Increase volume
Replace battery
Insert battery correctly
Close battery drawer
Clean Earmould and tubing
Replace Earmould tubing
Send for repair

Sound comes & goes

Dirty battery contacts
On-off switch or volume control faulty

Send hearing aid for repair
Send hearing aid for repair
Send for repair

Distorted sound
Acoustic feedback (whistling sound)

Volume too high
Battery running low

Decrease volume
Replace battery
Send for repair

Acoustic feedback (whistling sound)

Ear canal blocked with wax
Volume too high
Earmould loose or too small
Earmould not fitted correctly into ear
Earmould or tubing cracked

Remove wax from ear canal
Decrease volume
Replace Earmould
Re-fir Earmould
Replace Earmould or tubing

Hearing aid uncomfortable to wear

Earmould not fitted correctly
Earmould too big or poorly made
Earmould tubing too long or too short
Hearing aid not adjusted correctly or not suitable
Ear infection

Re-fit Earmould
Modify or replace Earmould
Adjust/replace Earmould tubing
Adjust or replace hearing aid
Treat ear infection


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more...Hearing loss will soon be one of the top ten most costly health conditions in developed countries.


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