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  • Happy to accept your premiums. But not always there for you if you are Deaf!
    June, 2016
    Happy to accept your premiums.
    But not always there for you if you are Deaf!
  • LEAPing On With Language. Workshops Programme September 2016!
    June, 2016
    LEAPing On With Language:

    Workshops Programme September 2016!
  • Story of the Month: My Cancer Journey by Cathy Neeson.
    April, 2016
    Story of the Month:

    My Cancer Journey
    by Cathy Neeson.
  • May, 2016
    Parents Corner
    Summer Events 2016
  • Click here for an overview of DeafHear in ISL
    April, 2016
    Click here for an overview of DeafHear in ISL





DeafHear is a National Charity providing specialist services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people and their families in Ireland.
General News

LEAPing On With Language.
Item added: 15 June 2016

DeafHearWorkshops Programme September 2016!
Happy to accept your premiums.
Item added: 10 June 2016

DeafHearBut not always there for you if you are Deaf! Read More...
Item added: 4 April 2016

DeafHearMy Cancer Journey by Cathy Neeson
Introducing DeafHear’s new Chief Executive Officer
Item added: 17 May 2016

DeafHearDeafHear is delighted to announce the appointment of our new Chief Executive, Mark Byrne. Read More...
Item added: 15 March 2016

DeafHearTo mark the centenary commemoration of the 1916 Proclamation Read More...
Women are better than men!
Item added: 4 March 2016

DeafHear…at disclosing their hearing loss.
Thinking of Buying Hearing Aids?
Item added: 15 February 2016

DeafHearCheck out the findings of this Which? survey of hearing aid providers. Read More...
ComReg give green light to new Text Relay Service.
Item added: 31 December 2015

DeafHearOn December 30th 2015 ComReg published...
Parents secure sign language support
in school for 7 year old Deaf son

Item added: 1 February 2016

DeafHearRecently we reported on Andrew Geary’s trip to Geneva as part of a Children’s Rights Alliance delegation to the UN Read More...
Noise exposure in pregnancy can increase risk of childhood hearing loss.
Item added: 29 January 2016

DeafHearA recently published Swedish study investigating the effects of noise exposure during pregnancy has found... Read More...
DeafHear to participate in new
Item added: 24 September 2015

DeafHearFlex:trial™ hearing aid programme!


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Party Plug Party Plug

Perfect earplugs for a night out! After a great night out, a lot of people come home with unpleasantly ringing ears.

From €11.00 View Details...

Alpine Muffy White

The Alpine Muffy earmuff has been especially designed for the ears of small children and can be used in various noisy situations.

From €19.00 View Details...

Tinnitus Sound & Aroma Relaxer

There are seven sound choices – heartbeat, ocean, fountain, birdsong, summer night, white noise and spring rain. The aromatherapy beads offer fragrances which can revitalise and refresh, relax and relieve stress, energise and motivate or impart a general sense of wellbeing.

From €48.00 View Details...

Doro Phone Easy 631 Mobile Phone Graphite Grey

This great new phone from Doro is an upgrade on their very successful PhoneEasy 621 model.

From €128.00 View Details...

TV2510 Neck Loop System

Wireless amplified hearing system. High quality noise–free sound transmission through inductive neck loop, cuts out background noise when used in conjunction with hearing aids or Cochlea Implant receivers equipped with T function.

From €150.00 View Details...

Phonak Paediatric Care Kit – Teen

A good value Phonak hearing aid care kit for Teens.

From €14.00 View Details...

Parents Corner @ DeafHear

Parents Corner on

Parents Corner is a section on DeafHear’s website dedicated to providing information and support to parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children in Ireland.

Hearing Aids @ DeafHear Hearing Aid Service.

DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service focuses on providing a holistic service to persons with a hearing loss.

DeafHear VideoTube (DHVT) DHVT videos of interest to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, parents and members of the general public.

DHVT videos of interest to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.

A Day Through a Deaf Persons EyesA Day Through a Deaf Persons Eyes
Duration: 4m 53s
Referendum May 2015Technology makes ordering easier!
Duration: 2m 30s
How hearing WorksHow hearing Works
Duration: 1m 43s
Keep the Sound Campaign Keep the Sound Campaign

DeafHear have developed a nationwide awareness campaign aimed at 14 – 35 year olds highlighting the potential damage caused by MP3 players used at high volumes for too long!

Mind Your Hearing Campaign

Mind Your Hearing Campaign

The Mind Your Hearing website provides relevant up to date information on acquired hearing loss.

Mind Your Hearing Official VideoMind Your Hearing Official Video
Duration 8m 43s
The Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar T.D. launches the Mind Your Hearing campaignThe Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar
Duration 9m 14s
Mind Your Hearing Campaign
Schooltech @ DeafHear Schooltech: providing the best Personal Communication and Soundfield Systems.

DeafHear’s Schooltech Service is dedicated to providing the best Personal Communication and Soundfield Systems possible for students with hearing loss in schools and educational settings.

Supporting students with hearing loss to hear clearly and learn effectively

Site launch 2015

Money Matters Money MattersMoney Matters is a guide to give you a better understanding on what is involved in claiming different social welfare benefits and if you are entitled to them.


This site is currently being updated to reflect recent changes in social welfare benefits.

March 2015
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