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Story of the Month
Item added: 31 October 2017

DeafHearMy Hearing Story
by Colm O’Brien
Deaf man swims channel in support of ISL recognition.
Item added: 17 August 2017

DeafHear Deaf man swims channel in support of ISL recognition.Congratulations to Wesley Nolan, a member of the Deaf Community who swam the English Channel... Read More...
Deaf lady gets Simons Golden Buzzer
Item added: 7 June 2017

DeafHear Deaf lady gets Simon’s Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent!on America’s Got Talent! Read More...
Bill for Recognition of ISL
Item added: 4 May 2017

DeafHearenters important Phase!
Parents or guardians in receipt of a Domiciliary Care Allowance (DC)
Item added: 4 May 2017

DeafHearcan now register their child for Medical Card eligibility. Read More...
Trinity Study confirms low use of hearing aids in Irish adults
Item added: 13 March 2017

DeafHearA major longitudinal study of older Irish adults has recently confirmed that... Read More...
Thinking of Buying Hearing Aids?
Item added: 17 February 2017

DeafHearCheck out the findings of this Which? survey of hearing aid providers. Read More...
Small increase in numbers of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in Higher Education
Item added: 22 February 2017

DeafHearFor the second year running there has been a small increase in the numbers of... Read More...
Sign language users have better reaction times and peripheral vision
Item added: 9 February 2017

DeafHearA new study showed that deaf adults have the best peripheral vision and reaction times comparing to hearing adults... Read More...
Hearing Loss at 20?
Item added: 10 February 2017

DeafHearIt’s More Common Than You Think
Sign Language Interpreters for GP appointments
Item added: 25 October 2016

DeafHearHSE provide funding to Sign Language Interpreting Service
Happy to accept your premiums.
Item added: 10 June 2016

DeafHearBut not always there for you if you are Deaf! Read More...
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Hearing Aid Service’s Hearing Aid Service

DeafHear’s Hearing Aid Service focuses on providing a holistic service to persons with a hearing loss.

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Party Plug Party Plug

Perfect earplugs for a night out! After a great night out, a lot of people come home with unpleasantly ringing ears.

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Doro 6520 Mobile Phone Graphite

Stylish flip phone with large 2.8" screen.

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Tinnitus Sound & Aroma Relaxer

There are seven sound choices – heartbeat, ocean, fountain, birdsong, summer night, white noise and spring rain. The aromatherapy beads offer fragrances which can revitalise and refresh, relax and relieve stress, energise and motivate or impart a general sense of wellbeing.

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Doro Liberto® 825

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Digital TV listening system with Neck Loop & 2.4 GHz transmission – now with TOSLINK

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Phonak Paediatric Care Kit – Infant

A good value Phonak hearing aid care kit for Teens.

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Parents Corner

Parents Corner on

Parents Corner is a section on DeafHear’s website dedicated to providing information and support to parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children in Ireland.


Mind Your Hearing Campaign

Mind Your Hearing Campaign

The Mind Your Hearing website provides relevant up to date information on acquired hearing loss.

Mind Your Hearing Official VideoMind Your Hearing Official Video
Duration 8m 43s
DeafHear Videos DHVT videos of interest to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, parents and members of the general public.

Videos of interest to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.

A Day Through a Deaf Persons EyesA Day Through a Deaf Persons Eyes
Duration: 4m 53s
Schooltech Schooltech: providing the best Personal Communication and Soundfield Systems.

DeafHear’s Schooltech Service is dedicated to providing the best Personal Communication and Soundfield Systems possible for students with hearing loss in schools and educational settings.

Supporting students with hearing loss to hear clearly and learn effectively

Research Research

In this section you can find details of current research projects that DeafHear is involved in, and opportunities for researchers to work with DeafHear and other research partners.

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