Facts about DeafnessFacts about Deafness

Some facts about Deafness in Ireland...

  1. 3 in 1,000 children in Ireland are born with a disabling hearing loss (approx. 200 per year).

  2. Early detection of hearing loss in new-born babies is the most important factor in minimising the disabling impact of deafness over the child’s life.

  3. 2,000 children with disabling hearing loss attend mainstream and special schools in Ireland.

  4. 5,000 profoundly deaf Irish Sign Language (ISL) users live in Ireland. ISL is unique to Ireland and has a strong cultural binding force within the Deaf Community.

  5. 20% of people aged 50 years and older experience a disabling hearing loss (225,000 people in Ireland).

  6. 44% of people aged 70 years and over experience a disabling hearing loss (145,000 Irish adults).

  7. A significant percentage of acquired hearing loss is preventable through better hearing care.

  8. Due to the increased portability of personal music players and the high incidence of listening to very loud music over a long number of years, it is expected that this generation will rewrite the hearing loss prevalence statistics in the coming years.

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For further information on assistive technology for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, contact your local Resource Centre.


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more...8% of Irish adults have a significant disabling hearing loss.


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