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Loreto School scores a First in the
Keep the Sound Campaign!

Posted: 22nd September 2015


The Keep the Sound Campaign was invited to visit Loreto Secondary School for girls in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin on 16th September last.


DeafHear:  Loreto School scores a First in the Keep the Sound Campaign! September 2015.

The Keep the Sound team explained to students the effects of listening to music ‘TOO LOUD TOO LONG’. The aim of the Keep the Sound campaign is to encourage students to make a life choice about preventing hearing loss by listening to music at safe sound levels. The part of the ear that is damaged by loud noise can’t be repaired, so it is important that young people understand that listening to music or noise exposure at loud levels can cause permanent ear damage.

Students discussed how most people don’t initially realise they have a hearing loss and that one of the most common signs that a person may have a hearing problem is when they have the TV volume up high. The advice is ‘When in doubt about your hearing check it out – sooner rather than later’.

DeafHear:  Loreto School scores a First in the Keep the Sound Campaign! September 2015.

Students were also made aware there are safe ways to enjoy listening to music on their ipods (or other portable listening device) and gigs/concerts without damaging their hearing. When attending nightclubs or concerts, earplugs to protect hearing are available to reduce the sound level exposure, while still allowing students to hear the music and their friends talking to them.

A class of 31 students aged 13 – 15 had their listening levels assessed using Keep the Sound’s unique Sound Heads. There are two types of Sound Heads, one with headphones and one with earbuds. Each student brought up their music device and plugged it into the appropriate Sound Head. The student set their music player at the level they usually listen to music at and the Sound Head calculated their average listening level.

DeafHear:  Loreto School scores a First in the Keep the Sound Campaign! September 2015.

The students were delighted to be told they are the 1st school in Ireland to participate in the Keep the Sound campaign that had no one scoring in the DANGER ZONE! Congratulations to the girls in Loreto School!


Our Keep the Sound Campaign does not aim to stop young people enjoying music: on the contrary, we want people to continue to enjoy listening to music safely! To learn more about safe listening and ways to protect your hearing, why not check out the Keep the Sound website and to keep up with the news, like our Facebook page

Keep the Sound Campaign will be visiting Sligo
on the 13th & 14th October 2015

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