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It’s important for our mental health!

Uploaded: 6th November 2015


We all know that staying in touch with family and friends is important for our well–being and happiness. In the past Deaf people struggled to stay in touch. The weekly visit to the local Deaf Club was a lifeline for many members of the Deaf Community to meet up with friends and catch up with the news.

There was no email, no fax, no minicom, no text messaging. Nowadays, the internet and social media have created lots of opportunities for Deaf people to stay in touch… FaceBook, Facetime, video–streaming etc, etc.

Recently Sandra Ivory who works in DeafHear was on holidays in South America, and she was able to stay in regular contact with her elderly father who is a Deaf sign language user by sending video messages to him through her brother and sister. (See video for a sample message!).



These kinds of messages and new ways of keeing in touch, which have only become possible in recent years, enable Deaf people and their family and friends to stay in touch in real time. It can only have a positive impact on the health and well–being of Deaf people, as we all know that social isolation is something that is bad for most of us.

However, despite all these new technologies, Deaf people still face many barriers in daily living… particularly when trying to access services. It might be something as simple as ordering a pizza, contacting a plumber in an emergency, or trying to book an appointment with a GP… if you are Deaf, these simple tasks might not be possible! That is why having services in place such as Remote Video Interpreting in sign language and Text Relay Services are vital to enable Deaf people to access services on a par with their hearing peers.

DeafHear is, along with other partner Deaf organisations, vigorously campaigning for these vital services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. Learn more about Remote Video Interpreting. Learn more about Next Generation Text Relay Services.

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Posted: 6th November 2015






more...Hearing loss costs an estimated €2.2bn every year in Ireland.


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