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45,000 across Ireland living with Tinnitus.

Posted: 21st January 2016 TINNITUS AWARENESS WEEK 2016

Tinnitus is a condition in which people experience sounds in their ears or head which do not a have an external cause. Noises can be described as ringing, whistling, roaring, rumbling, clicking or other variations. One or both ears can be affected.

For many people this condition can prove to be very invasive and can affect them in every aspect of their daily lives.

At this present time there is no cure but it is important that people know the condition can be managed.

Tinnitus Awareness Week 8th–12th February aims to raise awareness of this condition and in particular let suffers know that there are things they can do to help themselves.

On Wednesday 10th February, DeafHear Tinnitus Support Group will host an information and support session on the issues of Tinnitus.

Guest speaker is Liz Dowling. Nine years ago Liz developed Bilateral Menieres disease which caused her to lose hearing overnight, and also to develop bilateral Tinnitus and severe vertigo. “It was a time of having to make new life choices and develop new coping strategies to deal with and come to terms with what I had to face,” explains Liz.

Liz teaches from her own personal experiences and shares the wisdom learned from her own personal journey. Liz has many years’ experience as a community teacher and therapist in many healing modalities. Liz has participated in our Tinnitus Support Group meetings that are held monthly, and her enthusiasm, energy and experience has a very positive affect on us all.

This free event will be held on Wednesday 10th February from 11-1pm at the DeafHear office in Killarney. Join us for tea, chat and information.

DeafHear is a national charity organization providing confidential specialist services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people and their families. For more information on services provided contact the Killarney office. South

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more...Hearing loss costs an estimated €2.2bn every year in Ireland.


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