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ITA Tinnitus Awareness Week 2016

Focus on raising awareness of childhood tinnitus.

Posted: 7th February 2016 Irish Tinnitus Association

Tinnitus is a condition in which people experience sounds in their ears or head which do not a have an external cause. The noises may be heard as ringing, whistling, roaring, rumbling, clicking or other variations. One or both ears can be affected. At the present time there is no cure but the condition can be managed. There are approximately 45,000 people in Ireland with tinnitus.

The Irish Tinnitus Association’s project this year is ‘Raising Awareness of Childhood Tinnitus with Audiologists’ in Ireland. Tinnitus is extremely common, about 10% of the population have some tinnitus experience and about 1% have troublesome tinnitus. While tinnitus is not a psychological illness, it can cause severe psychological distress, especially in children.

The Irish Tinnitus Association (ITA) is a national charitable organisation run by non–medical volunteers. The ITA provides information and advice to help people understand and come to terms with their tinnitus. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of parents who have been in touch, looking for help and advice for their children who tell them they have been hearing noises in their head or ears.

Dr. Rosie Kentish is Head of Paediatric Clinical Psychology at the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital, London. She has written extensively on the emotional and psychological development of deaf and hearing impaired children and on the management of children with tinnitus. Dr. Kentish spoke on this subject when training DeafHear staff in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, which was organised by the ITA. Dr. Kentish will also be speaking at the ITA’s 20th anniversary meeting in the Ashling Hotel, Dublin on Saturday May 28th 2016.

Children’s Booklets

Dr. Kentish was heavily involved in the production of a set of booklets which can be a useful tool for either the children or their parents. They come in three Key Stages:

  • Key Stage 1 booklet (red copy) is targeted at very young children.

  • Key Stage 2 booklet (purple copy) is for slightly older children, primary school age.

  • Key Stage 3 booklet (black copy) is targeted at early teenage years.

If you have tinnitus, or know someone who has a child with the condition, you are welcome to contact us for information, help or advice at any of the DeafHear Resource Centres around Ireland, click here.


There are approximately 45,000 people in Ireland with tinnitus. Line Break Image

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