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DeafHear Clean and Check Workshop!

Posted: 15th June 2016 DeafHear Clean 

and Check Workshop 2016!


The DeafHear Clean and Check Workshop was held in the Killarney office on the 11th of May. There was a fine turnout and Jerry gave a presentation on all aspects of hearing aid maintenance, as well as showcasing the different types of aids currently available on the market.

The attendees were shown how to clean and re-tube their hearing aids and utilise the various features found on different models. Jerry explained how loop systems and t–coils operate and how they can be used to improve sound clarity in certain situations. There was great feedback throughout the presentation, with many in attendance asking insightful questions about cleaning and maintaining their aids. DeafHear Clean 

and Check Workshop 2016!

Our audiologist Trevor also spoke during the event, detailing how well-kept hearing aids can last for many years. He discussed the lifespans of various models and explained how digital hearing aids are the future of the technology.

Overall, the meeting was a great success. Those who attended gained valuable insights into the proper maintenance of their devices as well as the best ways to maximise the usefulness of their hearing aids in different scenarios.

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or why not pop in to the office at 10 Flemings Lane, High Street, Killarney.




more...Hearing loss costs an estimated €2.2bn every year in Ireland.


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