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Getting a Cochlear Implant – Tomorrow!

Posted: 8th August 2017

This evening Geraldine Egan from Clara, Co Offaly, is making her way to Beaumont Hospital. Geraldine is deaf, probably due to a viral infection a number of years ago. Tomorrow she is due to receive a cochlear implant, and is looking forward to being able to hear her family and friends talking again. Geraldine tells us a bit about herself and her journey below, and you can keep up to date with what is happening by following Geraldine’s blog.

DeafHear Getting a Cochlear  Implant – Tomorrow!My name is Geraldine & I am 46 years old, live in Ireland and I am married 14 years to my lovely husband John, I have one son and I am deaf… not totally but almost… caused by a viral infection, they think.

Tomorrow I am due to have a cochlear implant operation in Beaumount Hospital which I’ve been waiting for 15 months since being told by Audiologists in Beaumount that I was a candidate for a cochlear implant in May 2016.

My Journey

Let me tell you a bit about how I got to this stage. I wasn’t born deaf or with any hearing loss. I’d always had amazing hearing…’ you could hear the grass grow’ as my mam would say. But in 1999 I began to notice that I was struggling with mens voices.

I just put this down to the fact that a lot of men are mumblers and their voice tone is deep, or I’d tell myself I just wasn't concentrating hard enough. But then friends started to notice and say to me I should get my hearing checked. I went to my GP, who referred me to the ENT in my local hospital.

There, they did a hearing test & the doctor explained that sometimes in women, if the metabolism is high,it can cause the little bone inside, that normally moves up & down to allow sound into your inner ear, to set in a stiff position. Nothing was offered to me, the doctor said it wasn't a bad hearing loss, so I accepted that and left.

Fast forward to 2007. My hearing continued to get worse and again I was referred back to my ENT doctor ,who this time sent me to get a hearing aid fitted. It was a nightmare and I couldn't cope with the hearing aid. I felt as if my ear was clogged and I could actually hear more without wearing it. So completely frustrated, I threw it in the drawer, never to be worn again and never went back.

DeafHear Getting a Cochlear  Implant  – Tomorrow!What I didn’t know was that the audiologist hadn’t vented the ear mould, which means they hadn’t put a little hole in the rubber mould, hence the clogged feeling I’d been getting. Also it wasn’t a digital hearing aid but an analogue aid. Thank god, my GP never let it go and again sent me back for a third time to the ENT doctor.

In 2012, just 1 week after burying my youngest brother, I had my appointment with a new Audiologist. She decided I needed a digital aid in my left ear, no point fitting an aid in my right ear as my hearing loss was too severe… Fast forward again to 2015, and my left ear had dropped to the same level as my right ear so then it was time for her to refer me to Beaumount to be assessed for a cochlear implant.

My appointment with Beaumount wasn’t until May 2016. l was seen very quickly, within ten minutes of checking in by one of their Audiologist, where she asked me to give her some background info and then did the hearing test.

And tomorrow…Wednesday August 9th… I am due to be fitted with a cochlear implant.

All at DeafHear Tullamore wish Geraldine all the best for tomorrow, and we look forward to seeing her again soon.

Keep up to date with Geraldine’s journey at her blog:


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