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Theory Of Mind And Developing
Literacy Workshop

Posted: 11th September 2018 Theory Of Mind And Developing Literacy Workshop


Who is this workshop for?

Parents and Extended Family Members of Babies and Children with a Hearing Loss.


Workshop Outline:

Theory of Mind (ToM) is the ability to understand that other people have different beliefs, desires, intentions and perspectives from our own. ToM enables us to understand, explain and predict how other people might behave and is often delayed in children with hearing loss even when their language is good. Children need to typically understand that people can have misunderstandings and false beliefs. This is seen in many stories. Our ability to understand the attitudes, beliefs, values, desires, and knowledge of others plays a large role in our lives. Effective and appropriate social communication and pragmatic language skills require a communicator to have a ToM.


The learning outcomes will be:

  • Appreciating that learning to read and write begins long before a child starts school.
  • Understanding how a child with typical hearing learns to read.
  • Understanding how developing a Theory of Mind enables our children to become more competent communicators.
  • Knowing how to look for ToM in stories.
  • Grasping what the challenges are for our children with hearing loss and how we can address these.
  • Putting it into practice ? practical ideas to take home to support our children develop and become great readers and writers who have developed and grasped Theory of Mind.


12th October 2018


7:30pm to 9:30pm


DeafHear, Deaf Village Ireland, Cabra



Bookings on Eventbrite:

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