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DH-VTHistoric Day!

Today we launch the new video section on DeafHear´s website: DeafHear Video Tube or DH VT!

We will be uploading a variety of videos in the coming weeks, including videos of relevance to the education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children, access to information and services, DeafHear activities and clips that help inform the public about deafness and raise awareness.

Our first video to be uploaded to DH VT is of some historic interest! May 2012 is the first time that the Referendum Commission will be broadcasting its TV information ad with Irish Sign Language presentation on Irish TV stations (beginning on May 19th). This development follows representations to the Commission by DeafHear, IDS and SLIS. DeafHear believes this initiative will enable more Deaf people to be informed about the referendum on the Fiscal Stability Treaty and encourage them to cast their vote. We also believe that it will in time be a step in the right direction in reducing social exclusion and raising the level of social participation of Deaf people in Irish society.

Referendum Commission ad on the Fiscal Treaty 2012

DeafHear sees this important initiative by the Referendum Commission as a tangible first step towards realising the objective in the Programme for Government to promote the recognition of Irish Sign Language. However, this process is about more than the recognition of Irish Sign Language, it is also about promoting the equal status of Deaf citizens and their right to equitable access to public services. DeafHear calls on all other Public Bodies to follow the lead of the Referendum Commission, and make their public information campaigns fully accessible to all citizens. Only then can Deaf and Hard of Hearing citizens have confidence that they will receive fair and equitable access to public services.

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DeafHear Press Release May 10th 2012




more...Hearing loss costs an estimated €2.2bn every year in Ireland.


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