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Press Release, Aug 7th 2012
Katie’s supporters need hearing protection!

DeafHear Press Release; Katie Taylor: sound level reached 113.7 decibels

Ireland's Katie Taylor (R) is declared the winner over Britain's Natasha Jonas
after their quarterfinal Women's Light (60kg) boxing match at the London Olympic Games.
Photo: Reuters

Katie Taylor may have had a magnificent win yesterday in the Olympics which guarantees her at least a Bronze medal, but supporters of Katie are putting their hearing at risk! It was reported yesterday that the crowd in the ExCel Stadium in London recorded the highest sound level of any crowd so far in the 2012 Olympics during Katie’s fight. The sound level reached 113.7 decibels, well above the safe limit for human hearing. This level of sound would be equivalent to being just one metre from a jackhammer.

Prolonged and regular exposure to sound levels of 80 dB is generally regarded as unsafe and likely to cause some permanent damage to a person’s hearing. It is estimated that just one minute’s unprotected exposure to a sound level above 110 dB could cause permanent damage to a person’s hearing.

DeafHear advises Katie’s many supporters who have tickets for her upcoming semi-final to take precautions and wear ear plugs to protect their hearing! Brendan Lennon, a DeafHear spokesperson said: ‘Even short exposure to very loud noise can cause permanent damage to one’s hearing. While we wish Katie every success in her quest for Gold, we would strongly advise people who are going to be exposed to noise at these levels, including Katie’s supporters in the stadium, to take precautions and wear hearing protection.’

Good ear plugs can reduce noise intensity by up to 30 dB, and the World Health Organisation state that half of the world population’s hearing loss is preventable. So while Katie goes for Gold, DeafHear encourages her supporters to reach for their ear plugs!


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more...Hearing loss costs an estimated €2.2bn every year in Ireland.


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