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Oscar's Story Oscar is 3 years old and he has recently been fitted with a cochlear implant.

Oscar is 3 years old and he has recently been fitted with a cochlear implant. Oscar’s mum Ger tells us about their experiences to date.
Oscar was diagnosed as being profoundly deaf just before his 2nd birthday.

Prior to this he had grommets inserted for glue ear and we hoped it was as simple as that, in our hearts however we knew as there was no improvement in his language acquisition that we were possibly facing something more severe. His first set of grommets fell out and during the operation to insert a second set his consultant carried out an ABR which indicated that Oscar was profoundly deaf with little or no response below 120 decibels. Last January we were referred to the HSE for Oscar to be fitted with hearing aids and from there we were referred to Beaumont’s Cochlear Implant team and had our first appointment there in July.

This time last year we had no visiting teacher, no ISL tutor, no hearing aids, or contact with Beaumont. We attended the weekend for parents of newly diagnosed kids organised by DeafHear and I cried my eyes out as it was probably the first time it really hit me. That weekend was super, and we met some great people and found it very helpful. We started learning ISL and it was like a breakthrough as for the first time we were able to communicate with Oscar. Up to this point Oscar didn’t have any problem getting his point across to us as he would direct us towards what he wanted the frustration came from our side as we couldn’t get our message across to him. We met our visiting teacher and she was great for reassuring us, for informing us about our entitlements and for helping us to maximise our interactions with Oscar.

On his third birthday Oscar got his cochlear implant which was switched on February 14th. Just two months later e is already responding to sound, identifying which container contains an object if both are shook simultaneously, answering the door if somebody knocks on it and appears to be hearing five out of six ling sounds.

A year on Oscar’s world is open and full of hope and we look forward to the future.




more...Hearing loss costs an estimated €2.2bn every year in Ireland.


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