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News Subtitles a problem on RTÉ
Posted: 18th October 2013

Recently DeafHear has received numerous complaints about the quality of live subtitling on RTÉ, particularly about RTÉ News which has a large audience. In a typical TV audience approximately 3% of viewers require subtitles to access the information, which would mean that at least 20,000 people need the subtitles for the 6.01 News. That’s the population of a large town: imagine the uproar if nobody in a town such as Portlaois or Longford could watch the news!

RTÉ have said that they are trying to improve the service, and they welcome feedback on when subtitles are not available. It is important to remember that sometimes when the subtitles breakdown it may not be RTÉ?s fault, for example, a carrier such as Sky or UPC may be the source of the problem. Sometimes the cause of the problem may even be the weather!

Subtitling live programmes, especially fast talking programmes such as a news bulletin, is difficult and challenging. However, DeafHear believes that the quality of subtitling on RTÉ News is very inconsistent compared to other channels such as BBC, Sky or ITV. RTÉ News is subtitled by a company based in the UK called Deluxe.

What can you do?

One way to help the situation is to provide RTÉ with evidence of the problem: this puts pressure on RTÉ and Deluxe to improve the service! You can do this by contacting RTÉ directly by text on: 087 7989128.

In your text, you must provide the following information:

  • What Channel is having problems? (RTÉ 1 or RTÉ 2)
  • What is the problem!
  • What is the date and time the problem staRTÉd?
  • What is the name of the programme?
  • What area do you live in?
  • What system/carrier do you use? (Saorview aerial; Sky, UPC)

An sample text might look like this:

RTE 1; subtitles frozen; 6.15 on 6 o’clock news; Monday 14th October; Limerick; Saorview dish.

If you experience problems with subtitles on the RTÉ News, you can also email us about the problem using the form on the right.

We promise to forward your message to RTÉ! Together we can make a difference to the news subtitling service!






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