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Carol Flexer comes to Ireland

Posted: 18th June 2015 Auditory Brain Development: The Foundation of Listening, Language and Literacy for Children with Hearing Loss 2015On May 8th and 9th this year, Our New Ears and DeafHear welcomed a very special guest to Ireland. Carol Flexer – audiologist and LSLT (Listening and Spoken Language Therapist) came to host a two day seminar entitled ‘The Listening Brain: Research to Practice’. The event took place in the Hilton Hotel, Dublin, with one day focussed on professionals and one day focussed on parents.

The presentations highlighted the pivotal role of auditory brain development in the acquisition of spoken communication for all children, with particular reference to the challenges faced by children with hearing loss.


DeafHear welcomes Carol Flexer to Ireland 2015.
Carol Flexor talks to parents in Dublin

Day 1

The first day of the seminar was entitled ‘Auditory Brain Development: The Foundation of Listening, Language and Literacy for Children with Hearing Loss’ and was delivered to an audience of professionals from all over Ireland. Audiologists, visiting teachers, teachers of the deaf, school teachers, social workers and speech and language therapists were in attandance.

Carol spoke about growing children’s brains through technology and rehabilitation. She spoke about the importance of getting meaningful sound to the brain as soon as possible and how best to stimulate the brain once there. She emphasised that hearing sounds and hearing aids were not the issue in themselves: but rather that the child’s brain development, and in particular, nurturing the neurological brain development that is necessary for language and cognitive development.

The feedback from professionals was overwhelmingly positive with many reporting that they had learned many things that they would take back to their daily jobs. Pamela Raftery, Clinic Director, ARC Speech and Language Clinic, said “Carol’s talk was motivating and thought provoking – in addition to updating my knowledge about hearing – related issues, she also presented information I was already familiar with in a way that made me think “Why did I never think of it like that before?!”

Comments from other professionals included “meeting my hero”, “things must change”, and “what do we do next.”

DeafHear welcomes Carol Flexer to Ireland 2015.
Lorraine Murphy, Chairperson ONE, with Carol Flexor

Day 2

The second day of the seminar was entitled ‘How to Grow Your Child’s Brain for Listening, Talking, Reading, Learning, and Making Friends’ and was delivered to an audience of over 50 parents and guardians, with some travelling from the UK to attend.

Carol inspired participants to seek out information, to advocate, and to use techniques to help their children reach their potential and more importantly, make friends and be happy. Rachel Broderick, ONE’s Facebook manager remarked “Like anything you spend so much time planning you expect a certain level of sadness to come after it’s over, that is just not the case this time.”

Geraldine, mum of Noah, commented “I found today so uplifting. It was a really positive ‘can do’ kind of day. On this journey there are so many depressing, worrying times but today there was nothing negative. Just uplifting positivity that our children can achieve fabulous spoken language outcomes so we need to keep our expectations high and it’s our job as the parents to take control and make sure we put the very best stuff into our children’s brains right from the start.”

Laura, who was instrumental in making the conference happen said “I was at the Carol Flexer seminar today in Dublin and it was fabulous. Carol is truly a world expert on the challenges faced by our kids, no matter what technology they use. I loved her attitude, her positivity and her energy. I feel like I have a new understanding of our son’s ‘doorway problems’ (Carol’s term!) and some wonderful tools and advice for helping him. I really enjoyed meeting all the other parents there today and love being a part of this group for the support and help it gives us for our kids.”

Summing up, Lorraine Murphy, Chairperson, Our New Ears said “With such great comments there really remains only one thing for me to say – Thank you Carol.”

So a very successful event, where both parents and professionals have benefitted from listening to a world renowned authority on early auditory development. And when Carol Flexor left Dublin on Saturday morning to travel to Madrid to speak to parents and professionals in Spain, she left behind in Ireland a lot of people with a much greater understanding and appreciation of how to nurture language and speech development in children with hearing loss.

DeafHear welcomes Carol Flexer to Ireland 2015.
Carol Flexor with Siobhan Egan, Teresa O’Rourke and
Anne Marie Morissey from DeafHear, and Lorraine Murphy, ONE. Line Break Image Carol Flexer 2015

For more information on Dr. Carol Flexer visit


Carol Flexer

Here are some short videos by Carol Flexer.






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