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Eircode is Coming Soon!
Posted: 3rd July 2015


You are probably aware that Ireland is introducing a new postcode system in 2015. It is called Eircode, and will be officially launched in mid July. Every home will receive a letter addressed to ‘The Occupier’ with details of the Eircode for their home.

DeafHear Eircode is Coming Soon! 2015


What is an Eircode?

An Eircode is a smart location code for all Irish addresses. Unlike other countries, where postcodes define clusters or groups of addresses, an Eircode will identify an individual address – rural or urban – and help show exactly where it is located. This means every residential address and business in Ireland will receive a unique Eircode.

An Eircode is a 7 character alpha-numeric code made up of two parts. An example of an Eircode is: A65 F4E2 An Eircode is a smart location code for all Irish addresses in 2015.
An example of an Eircode
A65 F4E2

What are the benefits?

It is claimed that Eircode will have a number of benefits for the public, including:

  • Facilitate delivery and service companies to accurately identify addresses so your deliveries get to the right location.

  • Make it easier and quicker for emergency services to locate addresses, which can help save precious time.

  • Make it easier to shop online.

  • Facilitate better planning and delivery of public services.

What do I need to do? An Eircode is a smart location code for all Irish addresses in 2015.

There is no need to apply for an Eircode. During the launch phase in July, all residents and businesses will receive a letter notifying them of the Eircode for their address. Addresses will not be changing; an Eircode will simply be added to current addresses.

From the time of the launch in July, there will be an online ‘Eircode Finder’, which will allow the public to enter an address and find the Eircode for that address, or enter an Eircode to find the full street address for that Eircode.

Eircode will be officially launched in mid July 2015, and there will be a national and regional information campaign on TV, radio, print and digital media, so there is plenty of time to get familiar with the new postcode system.

Watch the video to learn more about Eircode with ISL presentation.


If you have any concerns about Eircode, why not ask a member of staff the next time you are in your local DeafHear Resource Centre.



www.eircode.ieTo find out more about Eircode click here...

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