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RTÉ announce Autumn schedule
with ISL interpretation

Posted: 12th August 2015 RTÉ announce 2015  Autumn schedule with ISL interpretation

RTÉ have recently announced details of new programmes that will be broadcast in September and October with Irish Sign Language interpretation. This means that members of the Deaf Community will be able to access and enjoy these programmes.

The various programmes will begin on the following dates:

Starting 2nd of September:

Supergarden (Series 6):
A series where expert gardeners take over and redesign the garden of a family home.

Starting 16th of September:

Room to improve (Series 8):
A series where architect Dermot Bannon takes on eight challenging and innovative new design projects.

Unemployables (Series 1):
A new series where Darren Kennedy and Jennifer Maguire take two unemployed young people under their wings each week and make them employable!

The Family Project (Series 2):
A popular education programme where each week a celebrity mentor works with a family to complete a project that has special significance to them.

Starting 30th of September:

Getaways 2015:
A new season of the popular holiday review show with Angela Scanlon and Joe Lindsay.

Fire Fighters (Series 3):
The brave men and women of Dublin Fire and Rescue are there to help the people of Dublin when they need them most: fighting fires, heart–stopping rescues, and saving lives.

Starting 14th of October:

Living The Wildlife (Series 7):
Emmy award winning cameraman Colin Stafford–Johnson returns to RTÉ for another season meeting a wealth of fascinating characters and films some incredible new species.

Starting 28th October:

Reality Bites:
A non judgemental slice of Irish life in the form of one off popular documentaries.

At Your Service (Series 7):
John and Francis Brennan mentor businesses in the hotel and catering industry.

Home of the year (Series 1):
21 homes will compete for the title ‘Home of the Year’.

These programmes will be broadcast late at night, mainly on Wednesday nights, while programmes for children with ISL interpretation, such as Roy, Storytime and Una’s Dream Ticket will be broadcast early on weekday mornings. The programmes will also be available on the RTÉ Player shortly after broadcasting.

Access Rules

This year RTÉ is required to increase its output of programmes broadcast with Irish Sign Language from 1.5% to 1.75% of total programming under the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s (BAI) Access Rules. While the increase is welcomed by the Deaf Community, all of the above programmes are mainstream programmes. However, the preference of the Deaf Community is for an increase in programmes aimed specifically at the Deaf Community and presented in sign language. Somewhat perversely, despite the expressed wishes of the Deaf Community, there has actually been a decrease in sign language presented programmes on RTÉ in recent years.

It is to be hoped that both the BAI and RTÉ will be more responsive to the wishes of the Deaf Community in the coming years… as Deaf people are required to pay the full cost of a TV licence just like other citizens… but receive a vastly less accessible service in return.


Deaf Organisations criticise BAI

Posted: 12th August 2015

Deaf organisations have criticised the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) for once again failing to deliver any programme with Irish Sign Language presentation. Every year the BAI… Read On… Deaf Organisations criticise BAI


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