Cultural ActivitiesCultural Activities

Deaf Art & Theatre

  • Deaf visual artists often create pieces referring to Deaf issues or displaying sign language (e.g. Baird USA, Niall McCormack, Ireland)

Deaf Theatre

  • Dublin Deaf Theatre Association ’Pan Pan’
  • Deaf signed TV programmes such as ’Hands On’, Films ’Children of a Lesser God’

Deaf Humour

Like most minority groups that experience oppression or negativity from the majority, humour from within the community often pokes fun at the members of the majority culture. As a result there are a lot of deaf jokes about hearing people! Steve Day and John Smith are well known Deaf comedians.

Deaf Folklore

As in the hearing community, there is storytelling through ISL.

Membership of Organisations

Organisations at local, national and international level run by Deaf people to represent Deaf Interests.

  • Examples at local and national level are:
    • Irish Deaf Sports
    • National Chaplaincy for the Deaf
    • Irish Deaf Society
    • Cork Deaf Association
    • Kerry Deaf Resource Centre
    • Centre for Deaf Studies
    • Deaf Forward
    • Greenbow
    • Irish Deaf Youth Association
    • Irish Deaf Scouts
  • International Level
    • EUD European Union of the Deaf
    • European Union of Deaf Youth Association
    • World Federation of the Deaf
    • FEPEDA Regional News:

Regional News

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more...Over 2,300 Deaf and Hard of Hearing children attend mainstream and deaf schools in Ireland.


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