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Comfort Contego


Product Overview

This comes with Comfort Contego Headphones, Earphones & Neck Loop.

You can use it for TV listening, conversation with friends, in a meeting or lecture, in the car or even while you are shopping.
Whoever is speaking wears the microphone, which transmits the sound to a receiver worn by the user.
You can be up to 25 metres away and still pick up the speaker's voice.
Hearing aid users with a T setting can use the Contego with the neckloop option or if you don't wear a hearing aid you could choose our other option which includes headphones and earphones.

The Contego has many other very useful features.
The receiver has its own built-in microphone, which allows you to not only hear the person with the microphone transmitter but also sounds closer to you.
You could have the microphone transmitter picking up the television but still hear someone speaking to you nearby through the receiver microphone. You can easily adjust the sound from either microphone through volume controls on the receiver. The receiver's display shows the volume level, battery status and the selected channel.

Built-in omni- and uni-directional microphones in both the transmitter and the receiver.

The Comfort Contego is supplied with either a neckloop for hearing aid users with T-Switch or Headphones & Earphones for non hearing aid users.


Technical Details

* 40dB amplification at 1kHz
* Digital Wireless System - Comfort Contego'sTM digital transmission provides high-definition sound and clarity under a variety of conditions.
* Total Security - Comfort Contego's transmitter and receiver are automatically "paired" to provide secure coded transmission.
* Custom Sound - Comfort Contego provides maximum flexibility in all situations. Both the transmitter and receiver have internal zoom microphones that can be remotely adjusted for omni or directional use and volume setting.
* Easy to Use - Comfort Contego is small, lightweight and can be used almost anywhere. The easy-to-read LCD menu provides a clear system for settings and adjustments, ensuring quick setup.
* Modern Design - Comfort Contego features a smart and discreet contemporary appearance designed for form, function and discretion.
* Maximum Functionality - Comfort Contego is the basis for a total sound solution for individuals with hearing loss. The transmitter can be used with multiple receivers to create a secure hearing system. The receiver may be used alone as a personal listener by activating the built-in microphone. Comfort Contego can be linked to a television, sound system or other sound sources. It can be used by hearing aid wearers using a neckloop or with a headset or earbuds.
* Neckloop compatible
* Battery Powered - Comfort Contego uses Li-Ion rechargeable batteries that do not exhibit the memory effect and subsequent shortened life of other rechargeable batteries.




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People wait an average of 10 years before seeking help with hearing loss.


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