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Silent Alert Mini Monitor


Product Overview

There are two parts to any paging system, firstly the transmitters (doorbell, telephone, baby cry, smoke or burglar alarm) these provide the alerting signal. Secondly the receivers which alert you when one of your various transmitters has activated.

This mini monitor is a transmitter that can be set up to alert you to different events around the home such as doorbell, burglar alarm, car alarm or person to person.

When someone pushes the button on this monitor, it sends a signal to the pager receiver unit A181A.

The mini monitor is battery powered and has an electrical terminal which allows for a wired connection where this is appropriate.

The mini monitor has a low battery signal status.

If you place your mini monitor outside you can buy a weather proof cover A181Y.

The mini monitor can be set to alert you to:

Doorbell/door entry - use as a doorbell or wired to an existing bell push

Burglar alarm - can be wired into your existing system

Car alarm - Can be wired into your existing car alarm, with a range of up to 150m depending on obstructions

Person-to-person - Press the button to send a signal, small key fob version with neck cord also available.


Technical Details

* Must be used in conjunction with A181A pager receiver
* Wireless, no wiring needed
* Easy to install, attaches with four small screws
* Battery operated (uses 1 x 9V PP3 battery)
* The mini monitor can alert you to:
* Doorbell/door entry - wired into existing bell push or entry system
* Burglar alarm - wired into existing burglar system
* Car alarm - wired into existing smoke alarm system
* Person-to-Person - press the button to send a signal
* Battery status light to indicate when you need to recharge the unit
* 1 year warranty




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