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Sound Oasis S5000 Tinnitus Relaxer


Product Overview

The system helps create a peaceful atmosphere, with the sounds gradually getting quieter as you drift off to sleep.

It can be set to turn on or off after various time intervals. This is useful if you want to use it as an alarm clock or if you want it to switch off at a time where you expect to have fallen asleep. After all, you don't want it playing all night!

It has a built–in AM/FM clock radio alarm and a socket to plug in your CD player, MP3, or iPhone. The alarm clock sound can be set to play the radio, the tinnitus therapy sounds, or a beeping alarm.

There are three speakers (sub-woofer included) so it offers powerful, stereo sound.There’s a choice of 24 high–quality sounds: Asian garden, Bamboo chime, Bio sync, Bonfire, cooling fan, Harbour swell, Hidden cove, Island surf, Night train, North woods, Ocean surf, Rainforest, Song birds, Spring rain, Stream, Hawaii surf, Ocean surf, Isle stream, Heartbeat, By the lake, Summer night, Thunderstorm, White noise and Wind. You can even create up to 145 tailored sounds using five additional background noises.


Technical Details

  • Superior sound quality
  • Adjustable volume, bass and treble controls
  • Choice of beep, radio or therapy sound
  • Snooze button (nine minutes)
  • 145 different sound possibilities
  • Therapy sounds run on a longer loop length
  • Can be set to turn on or off after various time intervals
  • Headphone socket for use with pillow speaker
  • The time function and beep alarm can be battery powered (uses 4 x AA batteries)



Sound Oasis S5000 Tinnitus Relaxer

By far the best product of its kind on the market.

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Important Information

Mains powered plus 4 x AA alkaline batteries – not supplied.
Size: 209 x 168 x 145mm. Weight: 1.32Kg including batteries. Supplied with UK 13A mains power supply.

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People wait an average of 10 years before seeking help with hearing loss.


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