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Signolux Optical Smoke Alarm

Code / ISBN : DH2434

The Signolux Optical Smoke Detector works seamlessly with the Signolux Visual Indication system.

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Bellman 868 Wrist Receiver Pack

Code / ISBN : DH1671

This excellent addition to the Bellman range means that you can now be alerted by...

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Bellman 868 Portable Receiver

Code / ISBN : DH2213

This 868 frequency portable receiver alerts you to someone at the door, the baby crying, the telephone ringing or the smoke alarm. You can place it on a table in your lounge or bedroom, or even take it into the garden. Its size makes it useful if you have manual dexterity problems. It can also be mains powered with B9202 optional power adaptor.

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Bellman 868 Flash Receiver

Code / ISBN : DH2173

This flash receiver is part of the Bellman paging system. This receiver can be placed on a table or be wall mounted, powered by the mains adaptor supplied, this unit must be plugged in at all times.

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Silent Alert Trickle Charger

Code / ISBN : DH1650

Fire Safe Trickle Charger

The Fire Safe Trickle Charger for pager units.

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