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Summer 2015

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Archive News




6th to 10th February
03/02/2017 DeafHear
Important National Conference for Parents 05/10/2012 DeafHear
Hearing Aid Care Workshop 10/10/2012 DeafHear
Looking Good Feeling Good 01/03/2013 DeafHear
SAORVIEW Information Evening 21/08/2012 DeafHear
Information Weekend for Families with Children Newly Diagnosed with a Hearing Loss: 10/06/2017 DeafHear
Introduction to Computer Skills for Deaf & Hard of Hearing 10/10/2012 DeafHear
Tinnitus Awareness Week 2013 30/01/2013 DeafHear
Interested in going to the Theater in Navan on Feb 20th 2013 04/02/2013 DeafHear
Bloom 2013 22/05/2013 DeafHear
Hard of Hearing Group, Bingo/Coffee Afternoon 15/04/2013 DeafHear
Work Shops For Cochlear Implant Users 09/07/2013 DeafHear
Small Talk/Chit Chat programme 2016 06/04/2016 DeafHear
Job Information Evening 21/06/2013 DeafHear
Tinnitus Information Evening 04/07/2013 DeafHear
Newly Diagnosed Weekend Ten year anniversary weekend reunion 19/09/2017 DeafHear
Family Day Trip to Tayto Park 27/06/2012 DeafHear
DeafHear Raffle Prizes 19/04/2012 DeafHear
Children’s Christmas Party 2013 05/12/2013 DeafHear
112 Emergency Text Service 26/06/2012 DeafHear
DeafHear Raffle Prizes 19/04/2012 DeafHear
Quiz Night in aid of 06/11/2013 DeafHear
DeafHear Transition Year Gaisce Project 2011/12 25/05/2012 DeafHear
Let’s talk about Drugs! 24/09/2013 DeafHear
Tinnitus Awareness Week 2015 30/01/2015 DeafHear
Christmas Cards 2014 05/12/2014 DeafHear
Santa is Coming to Town! 21/11/2014 DeafHear
Information Weekend: 03/11/2014 DeafHear
You are invited to a mass for Deaf Sign Language Users 21/11/2014 DeafHear
Hearing Aid Care Workshop December 2014 21/11/2014 DeafHear
DeafHear Dundalk to provide Information Stand at 28/08/2014 DeafHear
Calling all Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teenagers! Teenage Surfing Trip 2014 27/06/2014 DeafHear
Monday Group – Coffee Mornings 25/06/2014 DeafHear
DeafHear Northeast fundraising night 23/05/2012 DeafHear
Are you a parent of a Deaf or Hard of Hearing child attending school? 12/06/2014 DeafHear
Hearing & Communication Classes Drogheda 03/04/2014 DeafHear
Outreach Services 2014 26/06/2014 DeafHear
New Text/SMS for DeafHear Dundalk 27/06/2012 DeafHear Dundalk 09/12/2015 DeafHear
Beautiful box of 12 Christmas cards with ISL message inside 30/11/2015 DeafHear
Children’s Christmas Party 12/11/2015 DeafHear
Christmas Raffle 2015 30/11/2015 DeafHear
Monday Hard of Hearing Group 30/11/2015 DeafHear
Virginia Agricultural Show Cavan 22/09/2015 DeafHear
Are you interested in learning Irish Sign language? 30/11/2015 DeafHear
CAN YOU HEAR WHAT I’M SAYING? 06/09/2015 DeafHear
North East Family Day 2015 21/08/2015 DeafHear
Information Weekend for Families with Children Newly Diagnosed with a Hearing Loss 18/05/2015 DeafHear
International Ear Care Day Tuesday 3rd March 2015 28/02/2015 DeafHear
Louth Age Friendly Dementia Roadshow 21/09/2016 DeafHear
Tinnitus Information Evening 04/02/2015 DeafHear
Irish Sign Language Classes ISL 26/09/2016 DeafHear
Introduction to “Living with a Hearing Loss” Six Week Course 20/04/2016 DeafHear
Children’s Christmas Party! 09/12/2016 DeafHear
Hard of Hearing Monday Social Group Christmas Party 09/12/2016 DeafHear
Sound Heads & Keep the Sound Roadshow heading for Dundalk in 2015 30/01/2015 DeafHear
Parent & Toddler Group Cavan 20/04/2016 DeafHear
Parent & Toddler Group Dundalk 08/04/2016 DeafHear
Monday Group Coffee Mornings for People with Hearing Loss 28/01/2016 DeafHear
Northeast Outreach Services 2015 30/01/2015 DeafHear
Parent & Toddler Group Cavan 2015 04/02/2015 DeafHear
Inclusive Hearing 29/03/2012 DeafHear
Hearing Aid Minor Repair Service 08/04/2016 DeafHear
Parent Toddler Group Halloween Fancy Dress Party 25/09/2012 DeafHear
You and your family are invited to a mass for Deaf Sign Language users 23/10/2011 DeafHear
Family day out to the Zoo 22/08/2010 DeafHear
Tinnitus Information Evening 27/10/2011 DeafHear
Fundraising Race Night In Aid of the
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community
21/04/2012 DeafHear
Mass for Deaf Sign Language Users 19/02/2012 DeafHear
Mass for Deaf Sign Language Users 29/05/2011 DeafHear
Family Day Out 21/08/2011 DeafHear
Family Fun Day 10/07/2011 DeafHear
Fundraising Race Night 11/03/2011 DeafHear
Teenage Kicks Information Evening 03/11/2010 DeafHear
Table Quiz in aid of 03/11/2011 DeafHear
Hearing Aid Care & Maintenance Workshop 14/03/2012 DeafHear
Coffee Mornings / Information Sessions
For Irish Sign Language Users
07/03/2012 DeafHear
Information Evening 29/11/2011 DeafHear
ISL Classes 2010 15/09/2010 DeafHear
Teenage Kicks Information Evening Dundalk 16/02/2011 DeafHear
Outreach Services 01/01/2011 DeafHear
Deaf Christmas Party 11/12/2010 DeafHear
Information Evening 02/08/2010 DeafHear
Outreach Services 2012 Louth, Meath, Cavan & Monaghan 10/02/2012 DeafHear
Childrens Christmas Party (for 0–12yrs) 12/12/2010 DeafHear



News and Information

Participants attending an information evening

News and Information

Dr De Feu and Stephen Browne

News and Information

Midwife Mairead Inter-preter Ceilli and Corinne


more...People with hearing loss are more likely to be socially isolated.


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