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Spring Newsletter 2016

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Summer Newsletter 2014

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Archive News




Calling All Parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children 31/08/2012 DeafHear
Puppets, Language, Personality & Perspective for Children with Hearing Loss 27/07/2016 DeafHear
Midlands Halloween Fancy Dress Party 11/10/2012 DeafHear
Midlands Tinnitus Group 31/08/2012 DeafHear
“Follow” is coming to Longford! 07/02/2013 DeafHear
DeafHear Invite you to An Information Session 09/08/2012 DeafHear
Easter Camp 2013! 28/03/2013 DeafHear
Family Day Out 01/08/2012 DeafHear
Calling All Parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children Midlands Parents Support Group 12/07/2012 DeafHear
SUMMER CAMP 2013 21/06/2013 DeafHear
Small Talk/Chit Chat programme 2016 06/04/2016 DeafHear
Parents Information Session 31/05/2012 DeafHear
Christmas Day Outing 19/11/2012 DeafHear
NEWSFLASH!!! 04/04/2013 DeafHear
Covidien’s Athlone Donations Day 2012 22/11/2012 DeafHear
Midlands Tinnitus Group 16/04/2013 DeafHear
Midlands Tinnitus Group 22/11/2012 DeafHear
Fundraising event in aid of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing local community 19/11/2012 DeafHear
Midlands Tinnitus Group 21/01/2013 DeafHear
Midlands Tinnitus Group 2013 15/03/2013 DeafHear
Longford Hard of Hearing Group 21/06/2012 DeafHear
OUTREACH CLINIC 20/01/2012 DeafHear
Calling All Parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children Midlands Parents Support Group 15/03/2013 DeafHear
Midlands Cochlear Implant Support Group 21/06/2012 DeafHear
Computer Classes Tullamore Spring 2013 23/02/2013 DeafHear
VOUNTEERS WANTED! 16/11/2012 DeafHear
SUMMER CAMP 2011 28/06/2012 DeafHear
Offaly Hard of Hearing Support Group 21/06/2012 DeafHear
Residential Respite Weekend 21/06/2012 DeafHear
MOBILE RESOURCE UNIT 2013 21/01/2013 DeafHear
MOBILE RESOURCE UNIT 2012 20/01/2012 DeafHear
Midlands Tinnitus Group 16/06/2012 DeafHear
Emergency SMS Registration 17/04/2012 DeafHear
A Christmas Lapland Outing 22/11/2016 DeafHear “Tea for Tinnitus” morning 08/02/2016 DeafHear
Midlands Deaf Social Gathering 18/10/2016 DeafHear
GALA DINNER 10/11/2016 DeafHear
Halloween Fancy Dress Party 10/10/2016 DeafHear
Family Christmas Outing 05/11/2015 DeafHear
CHILDREN’S HALLOWEEN PARTY 2015 22/09/2015 DeafHear
Tinnitus Support Group 08/02/2016 DeafHear
Midlands: Outreach 2016 08/02/2016 DeafHear
Family fun Day 2015 17/06/2015 DeafHear
Summer Camps 2015 17/06/2015 DeafHear
Parent’s Corner 14/11/2016 DeafHear
Information Weekend for Families with Children Newly Diagnosed with a Hearing Loss 18/05/2015 DeafHear
Do you suffer from Tinnitus? 26/03/2015 DeafHear
Parent & Toddler Group 26/03/2015 DeafHear
Easter Camp 2015! 26/03/2015 DeafHear
Parent & Toddler Group 26/03/2015 DeafHear
OUTREACH CLINIC 26/03/2015 DeafHear
Dates for your 26/03/2015 DeafHear
Christmas Cards 2014 05/12/2014 DeafHear
Christmas Family Day 2014 11/11/2014 DeafHear
Information Weekend: 03/11/2014 DeafHear
Parent and Toddler Group Midlands 2014 05/09/2014 DeafHear
Open Hearing Screening Day 14/08/2014 DeafHear
‘Living with Hearing Loss’ 29/07/2014 DeafHear
Calling all Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teenagers! Teenage Surfing Trip 2014 27/06/2014 DeafHear
SUMMER CAMP 2014 26/06/2014 DeafHear
Are you a parent of a Deaf or Hard of Hearing child attending school? 12/06/2014 DeafHear
Personal Development and Careers Workshop 2014 22/04/2014 DeafHear
Deafhear Midlands 50th Anniversary 27/06/2014 DeafHear
Easter Camp 2014! 03/04/2014 DeafHear
Midlands Tinnitus Group 03/04/2014 DeafHear
Midlands Deaf Social Group 2014 03/04/2014 DeafHear
OUTREACH CLINIC 2014 31/01/2014 DeafHear
Midlands Deaf Social Group 30/01/2014 DeafHear
Dates for your Diary Activities 2014 13/12/2013 DeafHear
Keep the Sound 17/10/2013 DeafHear
Easter Camp 2012! 09/04/2012 DeafHear
EASTER CAMP 2012 29/05/2012 DeafHear
Teenager Day Outing 16/10/2013 DeafHear
Sponsored Silence 16/10/2013 DeafHear
Bord Gais Energy Theatre Presents Wicked 16/10/2013 DeafHear
SLIS Information Evening 16/10/2013 DeafHear Tullamore 16/10/2013 DeafHear
FREE TRAVEL SCHEME 16/10/2013 DeafHear
Dates for Your Diary 2013 21/01/2013 DeafHear
OUTREACH CLINIC 21/01/2013 DeafHear kindly invite you to join us for our Halloween Part 26/10/2011 DeafHear
Halloween Party 30/09/2010 DeafHear
Day Trip to Knock 04/09/2011 DeafHear
Family Day Out 04/07/2011 DeafHear
Information Evening
Abuse victims in Residential Care
03/08/2011 DeafHear
SIGN LANGUAGE CLASSES LEVEL 1, 2 & 3 01/10/2010 DeafHear
SUMMER CAMP 2011 01/07/2011 DeafHear
Midlands Tinnitus Support group 22/10/2011 DeafHear
Midlands Tinnitus Support group 16/04/2011 DeafHear
Family Fun Day 2010 29/08/2010 DeafHear
Midlands Tinnitus Group 18/02/2012 DeafHear
Midlands Hard of Hearing Support Group 29/09/2010 DeafHear
Midlands Summer Camp 2010 15/07/2010 DeafHear
Midlands Deaf Club 11/09/2010 DeafHear
Family Resource Officer (Full-time permanent) 15/06/2010 DeafHear
OUTREACH CLINIC in Longford, Mullingar & Birr 01/03/2011 DeafHear



Residential Weekend for the Families of Newly Diagnosed Deaf Children

Residential Weekend for the Families of Newly Diagnosed Deaf Children


more...People with hearing loss are more likely to be socially isolated.


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