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How much time would I have to give?

This depends on you and what you do for us...

You may be able only to give us a couple of hours a week or only volunteer at set times of the year, like school holidays. Whatever time you are able to give us will be much appreciated. Some of the volunteer roles may have a minimum time commitment and these are detailed in the role descriptions.

Do I have to make a regular commitment?

Some of the roles require a regular weekly commitment, while others are more flexible. Wherever possible we will try and tailor the time commitment around your availability.
If your availability changes then we will either change your role or find you something else to do that meets your requirements.

Will I be paid expenses?

You will not be out of pocket if you do volunteer work for us. As a general rule we will pay for reasonable travel expenses and provide meals and refreshments, depending on the amount of time you are with us each day.

What support will I be given?

Whatever you do for us we will make sure that you have everything you need. You will have someone within DeafHear to help you in your role. You will be given a clear role description, and regular support and training. You will also have an opportunity each year to review your role with someone.

Can I leave if I don´t like it?

Of course you can. If you are unhappy about your role, or your availability or ability to volunteer has changed, then you can stop volunteering.
Don´t worry. Talk to your volunteer coordinator as soon as you can and explain what the problems or reasons are. They may be able to find you something else to do if that is what you want, or make arrangements for you to "retire" from your role with us. Whatever happens we are very grateful for the help you give us.

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