What is a Hearing Aid?What is a Hearing Aid?

By far the most familiar aid used by Deaf & Hard of Hearing people is the hearing aid. We will now look at different types of hearing aid and outline some of their key features.

A hearing aid is a device used to help people with a hearing loss hear sounds better, by amplifying sounds. It is an electronic, battery-operated device that amplifies and changes sound to allow for improved communication. Hearing aids receive sound through a microphone, which then converts the sound waves to electrical signals. The amplifier increases the loudness of the signals and then sends the sound to the ear through a speaker.

The amount of amplification people need depends on the type and the degree of hearing loss. There are several types of hearing aids.

The majority of new hearing aids today are digital hearing aids and the older analogue aids will gradually be phased out.

For more information on hearing aids, see our ’What I need to know when buying a hearing aid’ booklet.

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more...Hearing loss impacts negatively on people’s lives more than cancer or heart disease.


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